Ahhhhh, Italy!!!

Just landed, and already out exploring!

Yes, we are lucky, lucky girls! Yes, we were just in Italy only 5 months earlier, and here we find ourselves here again, and already!

The first stop on this adventure is Venice!

Now, I have to explain why this is the first picture I am posting. After returning home after this latest trip, I was looking at a photo album I bought just after our November Italy trip, and the picture that came with album on the front cover was of the Rialto Bridge! I understand that there are no coincidences, but WOW, how great to understand that I had just experienced something truly Amazing, yet completely a part of my destiny!

BUT, let’s score Destiny 1, Determination 4. Why Determination 4? Because we not only travelled to Venice, but to Milan, Cinque Terre, and Florence (again).  AND, because we made it to Italy twice in less than 1 year!

What you can expect from this blog is information on how and why to travel. How to travel on a budget and not on a budget. When, and where, and where not to travel.  I will give you recommendations on where to eat, drink, and be merry. I will give you some Amazing shopping tips, like where the deals are, what to buy, and who to NOT buy from.  And, scams, scumbags, and walking taxi drivers…

Balance is the game of life, and I am living it!

Ciao Bellas!


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