Getting lost in Venice..

Ok, so I have NO sense of direction. So when I discovered in November that Kathy (my fabulous traveling partner) was the opposite to me in this regard, when we were in Italy in November, I was tickled to not have to worry about where I was and how to get to where we were going.  BUT, then we went to Venice. We were told to not worry about getting lost because Venice is an island, and technically you can not get lost on an island. Well that meant NOTHING to me, when I was dead tired from traveling all day, walking endlessly, and really needing to go pee, and for the life of us, could not find our hotel. If you look at an aerial view of the streets of Venice you will see that NOTHING is parallel.  It actually took us 1.5 hours to find our hotel, to which should have taken us only 5 minutes. At one point, we were on a bridge, and could see not only our hotel, but our room, and that was the point we started our 1.5 hour journey… OH MY!

The picture you see to the left is the view from our room (errr, hallway/ room) in Venice. THAT is how close we were, when we were on THAT bridge, and saw our room, and tried to back track and find our hotel, and it took us 1.5 hours!!!

Despite the daily, and hourly adventures with the both of us getting constantly lost, we ABSOLUTELY LOVED Venice! We did not realize until we were in Milan how nice it was to be in a city with no cars, and how wonderfully quiet the inner part of Venice is, especially at night. BUT, not quiet on Friday mornings, where just outside our room on Friday morning (our first morning in Venice) was a main route for the garbage boats ROARING their engines to make a sharp turn backwards ERRRRRRRRRRR at 7am. In the picture you can see one of the garbage boats beside the gondola. I know that I sound like I am complaining, but really it was most annoying at 7am, and I have honestly laughed my head off thinking about it ever since.

Venice is a city where I could see myself coming back regularly as everything was within reach. Everywhere you go, there are many kinds of stores for Fabulous shopping, restaurants, deli’s, bakeries, wine stores, bars, and everything you want/ need.  AND, there are even homemade wine stores that you can buy many varieties of red and white wines that they fill empty pop bottles of all sizes for dirt CHEAP! That was quite a find! Only around 2Euros for a small bottle of yummy wine? Salute!

One piece of advice that I must offer you is that if you see something yummy that you want, BUY IT! Don’t wait until you are in Milan, or Florence to get it, because every city offers something different, including the yummy treats. This advice also goes for clothing stores, as each city may have the same stores, but not necessarily carry the same items.

All in all, it took us a good 2 days to sort of get our bearings for only an extremely small piece of Venice, and I was the one who actually found her way on her own more than once sometimes because of remembering the name of the landmark church our hotel was just around a real corner from. Right Kathy??? LOL!


4 thoughts on “Getting lost in Venice..

    • I completely agree during the daylight hours. I still giggle about the night we got lost, and a man saw me in tears from the frustration of being so lost for so long, and so late at night, that he walked us to our doorstep. He told us that he had a sister and he hoped that if she were in the same boat, that someone would help her also. We were so trusting, but we were so thankful for the help, and it all ended well.
      Thanks for the comment!

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