A little more about this Bella!

It is the middle of June, and I am yearning to feel the sun on my face (for more than 1 day consecutive), so that I can go out on my deck, or a friend’s to enjoy a Spritz, or a newly discovered drink by Kathy, Tuscan lemonade, or some vino. As you can or possibly not be able to surmise, my tastes have become a bit Italian. I have just experienced a ghastly winter, one that did not want to end at that, and currently a spring that is just being just as stubborn. So one wonders why I would yearn to be in Italy (again), where I experienced in November, and April, what I am yearning for right now. Or possibly somewhere other than here…

So, here I am in Whitefish, MT, my other’ love place’ besides Italy. This is a place that I would LOVE to live for the laid back life they have here, the many Amazing restaurants, the great shopping, and the Wonderfully clean air. When we arrived last night, and got out of the vehicle I was struck by the smell. It had been raining, and it was so clean and fresh from all the trees, and the mountains I wanted to be able to bottle this smell for my laundry products (then possibly I might want to do it more?) I woke up in the morning and it is STILL raining, and no matter how much I love it here, I find myself looking at the weather app on my phone and checking out my saved locations, of which of course are my favourite places in Italy. I then wonder how in the world did Italy become so much a part of me?

In the year 2000, my husband and I went to Europe for the first time (Paris and London), and we fell in love with Paris. Immediately this was the place I wanted to return to again and again. But we have not made it back there, unfortunately. I have since realized that maybe it was not Paris itself, but the history that I loved. Living in Canada, you are not exposed to the history you see and discover in Europe, and that was a wake up call for me. A lot of people say it is so dirty in Europe, but I just found it old, and appreciated that.

Our next trip to Europe was to Vienna, Salzburg, and Munich in 2003. That was a very different trip from Paris, because when we discovered Salzburg I felt like we really got to see how the locals live at that moment, not just learn about it’s past history.

I went on a trip each year, but on a tropical, and relaxing trip during the winter months to help to cope with our long winters. This was something I always looked forward to, and could say was my favourite kind of trip to go on.

Fast forward to November, 2010 and I land in Rome with my husband, and good friend Kathy to celebrate our 40th birthdays. As soon as I saw the Colosseum, I was immediately hit by how old, and rich in history Rome is. I was once again reminded of my love for Europe! I loved learning everything I learned, and was reminded about what I was taught in school, and church for the 4 days I was there! But then, we arrived in Florence, and like I said in an earlier blog post, all momentum was lost, as we started living in Florence rather than being just tourists.

As I am now reflecting on my desire to go away again, and I wonder if it is not just the going away to Italy , but the escape from my every day life with the oh so many responsibilities, and challenges. And honestly, I do not think so. If that were the case, then I would be in Phoenix for the weekend with Kathy right now; escaping. I LOVE Italy, and yes I want to explore it more, but I also want to take my children there also. That is the difference between how I feel about a tropical vacation (NO KIDS ALLOWED!), and an Italian Holiday. I truly feel like the saying we were told on the first trip: Leave a piece of your heart in Italy so that you have to return to visit it. I feel like a part of me is there, and Italy has become a part of me.

So, as I continue posting on this blog, you now know a little bit more about me. I hope this helps you to enjoy what I write a little bit more, and also I hope you will want share what I write with others.

Any hey, maybe one day I will get paid to travel, wouldn’t that be La Dolce Vita??? Rick Steves, watch out!!! LOL


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