Help to Return the Magic to Monterosso and Vernazza, Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, Then and Now…

If you read my posts about my travels to Cinque  Terre, you would have read about not only my adventures there, but my love of this magical part of our world. So, on Tuesday, October 25th when it first started to rain, then pour onto the dry ground from a very hot, and dry summer, the water, instead of being a welcome ingredient to the dry ground, it became the catalyst to the mud slides, and the avenue for everything else that was in it’s path, and then some. The streets that were once, long ago a river bed, were suddenly once again a raging river of water, mud, rocks, cars, tables, chairs, boats to the unsuspecting communities of Monterosso al Mare, and Vernazza.

Vernazza’s beach and Piazza in Apr/11                  The exact location Oct. 25/11                   
   Vernazza. Liguria. Cinque Terre. on Twitpic

   Photos Courtesy of Twitpic

When you click on the photo below, notice the church on the top left. This was the same church where I took the picture of the locals sitting outside of it, while we sat and enjoyed it’s lovely bells as we drank our Spritz at happy hour along with the local residents,and tourists alike.

Disastro a Vernazza. on Twitpic

Monterosso Al Mare was equally hit  as hard as Vernazza, however the old town was the hardest hit in this community. It is haunting to look at my pictures and compare them to the pictures post storm.

TheStar Italian workers search through mud for survivors of deadly storm.

Ciak post storm, in old town Monterosso. A favourite place to eat at and also watch the kitchen. On the bottom, right is a picture of Ciak, the restaurant if you look to the left at the bottom of the picture  in 04/11. Also watch this Youtube video of this wonderful restaurant before the storm. Oh the memories! Now watch this Youtube video during the storm.   The clean up is  immense, and must be a daunting task.

So, what can we do to help? As I have been reading other blogs, and listening to others experiences about this adored area, I was sent to Kate Little’s blog, Little Paradiso by Diana Strinati Baur’s blog, A Certain Simplicity. You MUST visit Kate’s blog to experience what the local people have been going through since Oct. 25, and also to find out how we can help.  The Italian Red Cross has a site in english where it is possible to make a donation with a credit card. This is great news for us that live in Canada and the United States, all around the world, really.  Kate said in her blog, “When you go to the site, make sure that on the drop down menu, you select EMERGENCY TUSCANY AND LIGURIA. If you are donating from a foreign country, leave the ‘state’ field — and the ‘nation’ field will be written in Italian. If you are from the US, the nation will be ‘Stati Uniti’.

So many of us have such fond memories of this area, and considering the current financial crisis in Italy, this is a great way to help these communities to get back on their feet.  They will, no doubt without our help, as these people are resilient; but if we help, it will be that much sooner that we ALL will have the opportunity to go back to enjoy the Magical lands called The Cinque Terre.

With love, and respect I offer my condolences to these communities for what you have endured.

I will return when you are ready.