Scenes from an Italian Bathroom…

2 Words: OH MY!  Ask anyone that travels to Italy that it can be a challenge to find a ‘nice’ place to pee or #2.  My first piece of advice is to always carry tissues in your bag or purse, as even a restaurant you might consider to be nice may not have toilet paper (t.p.) in it. The ‘toilet’ shown in the picture above was at an Enotca in Milan. That is what I found behind door #1. Luckily door #2 was more my style of thrown. If you are wondering how to use it, like my kids were when I showed them the picture, see below.

I knew to be on the lookout for the sign WC (water closet- AKA toilet), but honestly, when you have to go, you usually have to go now because of the constant in-taking of vino and espresso. But first you have to find a WC sign.

When we were in Rome, one evening we were in desperate need for a WC, we saw the familiar Golden Arches (McDonalds) and thought, jack pot; Familiar and clean! We walked in, and this is what the restaurant looked like. And yes, as we thought, the bathroom was Amazing! In retrospect, I should have taken a picture of it. We were lucky as we just walked into the bathroom and did not have to buy anything to get a code for the bathroom, and honestly the amount I had spent in the past at McDonalds I decided my conscience was clear that I had more than paid for our admission and t.p.  Even still if in the future you need to buy something, it is well worth it for the quality of their bathrooms.

The reason we needed to find a WC in the first place, sometimes lead us to find another Cafe which was a very easy feat, buy an espresso for 1Euro, and have access to their WC guilt free.  This was especially important to carry t.p. in your purse in many of these cafes.  And since you had to pay to use a public WC, by purchasing an espresso, you got a 2 for 1 deal. I love Sales! lol

May I say that even after you find the WC sign, which can sometimes feel like a character in a page from Where’s Waldo; you still have to find the actual WC. I found this post from another blog about the adventures of finding a WC in Italy.  I borrowed their picture, which is a good example of,  “Can you spot the WC sign?” Make sure to click on the link to read about their perspective of finding toilets in Florence.

One common thing that you see in most bathrooms in Italy is a Bidet. I know what a bidet is for, but as you can see, in this extremely small hotel bathroom in Milan, it was perfect to shave my legs in since our shower was barely big enough to stand in with your arms at your sides, let alone doing anything else like shaving. But I really was not complaining since we had just come from sleeping in a hallway in Venice with no WC.

Even with the challenges of finding a WC, how to use a WC, or the size of a WC, it is ALL worth it, just to be in Italy!