Bellas’ Next Adventure- Sicilia and Firenze (Sicily and Florence)


I am up way to early this morning as I can not sleep. The wheels in my head are turning and won’t stop, as I leave for Italy in only 4 days from the time I am writing this post.  I am travelling with my good friend Kathy, who is my fellow Italy lover and travel partner; this will be our 3rd trip to Italy together. We will be on the ground for 10 days, but away from home for 11 days. This was all that we could get away from our families as we both have children in school, working husbands, in addition to our own jobs. So we are exploring half of Sicily in what we are calling our Part 1 trip, and ending our trip in our Italy home- Florence.  Part 2 will be sometime in the next year, to which we will finish exploring the other half of Sicily.  You can only imagine the eye rolling our husbands did when we informed them of that tidbit of information??? I keep telling my husband I am more than just good looks! His response, “Yes, that is what I am afraid of!” wink, wink!

We will be experiencing many new things on this trip, including renting a car, staying in B&Bs and renting apartments rather than hotels, which Kathy has not done yet in Italy and me being Gluten Free. I won’t bore you with my diagnosis, but I have an auto immune disease to which I am extremely gluten sensitive. I have never been healthier in my life right now, so when people ask me if I am sad that I won’t be able to eat everything in Italy, the answer is easy- NO.  Also I have been doing more than the usual amount of research for this trip, and have been pleased to find many resources from Blogs but the best resource has been the AIC website. It is the Italian Society for Celiac disease. Canada and the U.S have A LONG way to go to catch up to Italy- home of Pizza and Pasta with their Celiac and Gluten Intolerance education, and awareness!!!  There are SO MANY options of food for me to eat that I will have NO problem gaining the inevitable weight from the Gastronomic adventures in Italy that I will be having!

That said, I will be Blogging and Vlogging (video blogging) while we are in Italy, including EVERYTHING gluten free and of course so much more!

WE will be your good looking, female version of Rick Steves, but with our own zest for life and ALL things Italian!


Our goals for this trip are quite simple yet fitting for Italy- Drink Espresso, Eat with the locals and what the locals eat, daily Aperol Spritz at Happy Hour, eat Gelato when we aren’t hungry, explore, get lost, learn some Italian, relax and live La Dolce Vita, and of course shop in Florence. I will also be visiting an artisan leather shop in Florence, and sharing their story, enthusiasm and talent for leather and design, as my bad experience with a leather shop in Florence was the whole reason why I started this blog.

Here is our basic Itinerary:

Palermo- 1 night

Rent a car

Cefalu- 2 nights

Syracuse/ Ortigia- 2 nights

Taormina- 2 nights

Fly to Florence

Florence- 3 nights

We will be visiting more cities and towns than listed, some of which we don’t even know yet as we have no idea when and where we will get lost….

Stay tuned to hear about Trina and Kathy’s Italy Adventures!

CIao, Ciao!


P.S.  Remember that sharing is caring! If you have any advice for me, please share! Grazie Mille!