France with my Daughter

Paris- Day 1

It is July 23, 2017 and Kalyna who is now 18, and I have landed in Paris for the start of our 16 days in France together; a Grad gift that was promised to each of our 3 children if they graduated from French Immersion.

Want to give your child some incentive to go to University and get a job, so that they can support themselves in a lifestyle that they grew up in and were acustomed to, then take them in the way you like to travel, BUT let them know that this is THE LAST time that you will be paying for anything like Business class, or nice hotels. So this may be Kalyna’s first and last time flying business class- she now writed her own destiny after this trip.

We landed just after 1pm, and we both are exhausted, so the decision was easy to just jump into a taxi rather than navigate the metro, bus and walking to find our hotel in the 9th Arrondissemant. After the last month I just had, I needed to push as many &easy buttons& as possible, even if the cost was more.

What happened in the last month?  The hightlights are: I had eye surgery the end of June, which was supposed to be routine- Refractive Lens Exchange (cataract surgery), which was going to fix my asigmatism, and enable me to not wear glasses anymore. 2 weeks later, my vision was very blurred and my eyes were blood shot, and during a follow up appointment, a spot was found on my left retina, which was later diagnosed as an Edema at an emergency appointment with a Retinal Specialist over 2 hours from where Iive and only 2 days before I was scheduled to leave for France. Further tests were ordered for most importantly, when I returned from France!  During my recovery from eye surgery, KIm and I were both actively involved in the planning and excecution, in addition to being the Title Sponsors of an International Airshow in Lethbridge, where we live and have a business. Rest was NOT in my vocabulary, and that Kicked me in the Butt HARD!

Our plans for Paris were quite simple- Chill, eat, sleep, shop and do some exploring. As this trip was without my travel buddy, Kathy, chilling was on the agenda but not too chill as I would need to wean Kalyna off of her adiction to Netflix and constant SnapChatting!

I would normally tell people that no matter how tired you are when you arrive in Paris to go to the Eiffel Tower, but there was no way possible that this body could rally to do this- instead we napped then went exploring and found an Amazing Crepe shop with a huge selection of Gluten Free options, including Gallettes, which are buckwheat crepes. We then had an Amazing French meal consisting of Escargots, beef carpaccio, french fries, salad and a couple glasses of Rosé. On the walk back to our hotel we stopped for Gelatto and Macarons, then easily crawled into our comfy beds for a good nights sleep. 


3 thoughts on “France with my Daughter

  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the first day in Paris after a long trip and a hectic time leading up to trip. Crepes look awesome.

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